miercuri, 17 noiembrie 2010

I. Drunk with the fragrance of memories

No matter how my body stands, my soul is in knees.
The world is collapsing all over around me and I see no hope to save me. Everything around became lifeless and cold and my eyes are seeing only dust and lost dreams. What's in my mind? Nothing more than apologizing for all the things that haven't occured yet. 'Cause for the mistakes in my past, I'm already forgiven.
It is the emptiness that embraces me. It surrounds me like the cold blue sea surrounds its fish. Solitude and thoughtless mind. Nothing more, nothing less...
And with my crushed feelings what's left to do?! No therapy for soul and mind, no cure for broken hearts.
I'm crawling hopeless in search of something to bring me to light. To illuminate my eyes and being, to wake me up to that freak and terrible reality, to enliven me.
Because I feel myself barren, locked in a place where I don't belong. I don't recognize myself anymore. But I think it's better now. Maybe I don't want to remember who I am. Maybe my brain is running intentionally from who I used to be...
I'm sure it's better now. No memories are always good memories.

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